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writing Workshops in Teaching Writing

The following three hour workshops were developed for SAWP's Summer Workshop series and are available for presentation at your school. Depending upon your school's needs and the availability of Teacher Consultants for presentations, the actual teaching demonstrations may change. However, the goals for each workshop will remain the same. Individual teaching demonstrations from particular workshops are also possible. Contact us for pricing information: sawp@utsa.edu.

Workshop in Revision and Editing

This workshop will present three lessons geared to help students revise and edit their compositions and perform better on the multiple-choice portions of the STAAR. Presentations will focus on issues of global revision (thesis, organization, coherence, development) and issues of local revision (editing for word choice, grammar, punctuation and mechanics).  Students learn to write by rewriting, so particular emphasis will be placed on learning these skills of revision and editing in the context of the writing process.


Workshop Opening
--Student Voices on Revision

Demo #1: How Do Logic and Editing Work Together
by Cathy Whitlow

Demo #2: "No More Worksheets: Editing in Context"
by Pam Piedfort

Demo #3: "What We Can DO With Punctuation"
by Lennie Irvin
--1page summary of presentation
--Punctuation and Sentence Structure guide
--Minimal Marking (image)
--Sentence Editing draft

Demo #4: Writing "Magical Sentences"
by Lennie Irvin
--1 page summary of presentation
--Link to article by Graves and Swain

--The Phases of Revision
--Rethinking and Revision
--Reading on research on revision by Flower and Hayes

Workshop in Expository Writing

Teaching expository writing is the newest part of the STAAR teachers struggle with the most. This workshop will help demystify expository writing and present three lessons teachers can use in their classroom. In particular, teachers will learn strategies for helping students launch an expository essay with a clear controlling idea, as well as strategies for helping students organize their essays and use specific details and examples to develop their thesis. Teachers attending will also learn strategies for designing effective persuasive writing assignments.


Workshop Opening
--Presentation ppt

Demo 1: Close Reading by Annotating Text: Can Highlighters Really Promote Reading and Writing (Pam Piedfort)
--Presentation ppt.
--Anticipation Guide
--Collaborative Poster
--Reading on Sports Drinks
--Annotation Example

Demo 2: Touring the World of Exposition:  A World Café Discussion Strategy for Writing Expository Essays (Amy Stengel)
--Presentation ppt.
--Cafe Guidelines
--Menu template
--Menu example
--Readings on Writer's Rituals

SRI Protocols
--Text based guidelines
--3 Levels
--4 "A"s protocol
--The Final Word protocol
--Making Meaning protocol
--Save the Last Word for Me protocol

Writing Expectation in Middle School (STAAR)--AISD

Demo 3: The 11 Minute Essay and Gallery Walk (from Gretchen Bernabei's English 1: Remediation Packet)
--link to Gretchen's Writing Tools Blog

Link to materials on Designing Engaging Writing Assignments found below in the resources from the Persuasive Writing Workshop


Workshop in Persuasive Writing
  Students writing persuasive essays must learn to present a convincing position as a thesis that they develop with a clear organizational structure supported by detailed evidence that is adequate and relevant.  This workshop will present lessons showcasing strategies for helping students with these key areas of focus, organization, and development. In addition, teachers attending will learn techniques for designing engaging persuasive writing assignments and approaches to help students write persuasive essays based from readings.

Workshop Opening --Presentation powerpoint

Demo 1: From Narrative to Persuasion--The Illustrative Essay (Lennie Irvin)

1 page presentation overview
Presentation Powerpoint
Illustrative Essay Invention Exercise


Demo 2: Developing Academic Language in the ELL Classroom: An Integrated Persuasive Writing Unit (Cathy Whitlow)

--Presentation Powerpoint


Demo 3: Building Essays (Lennie Irvin)
1 page presentation overview

Designing Engaging Writing Assignments
--Presentation Powerpoint
--Kernel Sentences as Seeds for Writing

Building Essays from Thesis to Support
--Presentation Powerpoint
--Brainstorming for Reasons Planning Sheet
Irvin Writing Guides
--Arriving at a Thesis
--Brainstorming for Reasons
--Strategies for Developing Support
--Secondary Support



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